Pelleve Skin tightening Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

We are pleased to announce that the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction or Skin Tightening System launches exclusively in Ireland on Thursday 3rd Frbruary, 2011 at the Residence (near Shelbourne Hotel).

This new treatment, for which we are the first in Ireland to be able to offer is especially effective for reducing wrinkles on the face, jawline, neck, eyes and lips. I will be there to give a demonstration and you will be able to see the effects fist hand.

“Patients’ expectations are ever-increasing and until I discovered the benefits of Pellevé, there was nothing on the market to help achieve the results our patients have become accustomed to, in the delicate eye area and especially under the eye. Pellevé is also great for the fine lines on the top lip. Results are very quick with Pelleve and patients love Pellee because there is little to no downtime.

Call Anita, if you think you would be interested in coming along to the launch. (Invites Only)
Alternatively you can find further information on our main website here:-

Pelleve procedure Overview
How the Pelleve anti-wrinkle skin tightening treatment is done
Pelleve treatment frequently asked questions

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