Treatment for Chronic Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Is snoring ruining your relationship?

The soft palate tissue (upper mouth internal or back of throat) is nearly always involved in the cause of chronic snoring, However there may be other contributing factors as well, such as a blockage of the nasal airway due to trauma or past injury, as well as tonsils and adenoids. A quick examination of your upper airway will allow an experienced ENT surgeon to assess if your soft palate is a major cause of you snoring. If your soft palate turns out to be a factor, the Pillar Procedure can be a really effective treatment for this condition. The Pillar Procedure work to stiffen the soft palate tissue to reduce flutter/vibration that causes snoring.

The Pillar Procedure can be performed as a single procedure or combined with other treatments and suggested lifestyle changes to help patients stop snoring. Over 30,000 people worldwide have been effectively treated with the Pillar Procedure. Read more and view a video presentation on this procedure at

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