A New Rhinoplasty Technique to Manage Nasal Valve Collapse

Nasal valve collapse is a multidimensional problem. In some patients, the reduced cross-sectional area or an acute valve angle of less than 10° is the main problem. In others, the weak nasal sidewall plays a major role. In some patients, a combination of factors exists. Alar expansion and reinforcement constitutes a comprehensive approach to manage nasal valve collapse and addresses the floppy sidewall and the reduced cross-sectional area of the nasal valve. The procedure requires the surgeon to evaluate the specific pathology and tailor the technique to suit each case. The positioning, tightness, and number of alar expansion sutures used permit flexibility in fine-tuning the amount of airway expansion. The HDPP lateral crural batten implant provides extra flexibility to deal with the excessively floppy sidewall, which is an intrinsic part of this pathology in some patients. The procedure is reliable, adjustable, simple to perform, and fully reversible. ~extract~

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